Risk Assessment

Is your organization aware of the potential security risks and threats it may face?

At All Hazards Associates, we understand the importance of a thorough and objective security risk assessment and threat analysis for your organization. Our team of experienced security consultants provides an independent and comprehensive review of your security posture to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Our Risk Assessment product is designed to help you mitigate potential security threats by providing you with a customized report outlining areas of concern and recommended security measures to help mitigate risks.

Don't wait until it's too late. Contact us today to schedule your independent and objective security risk assessment and threat analysis. Ensure that your organization is adequately protected from potential security threats.

Why Perform a Security Risk Assessment?

In today’s volatile world, from natural disasters to increased workplace violence and shootings, businesses are now, more than ever, concerned about the security and safety of their staff, facilities and assets.

In an effort to not only avoid lawsuits and fines for having an unsafe environment, prudent organizations prepare themselves by utilizing a myriad of mitigation practices to adequately prepare themselves from hazards and incidents.

Physical security programs are typically comprised of trained and certified personnel, plans, procedures, technologies and the testing and the analysis of said programs. However, organizations often become reactive in nature, responding to emergency incidents and hazardous complaints. There are a number of reasons that contribute to this concept. A few reasons include limited staffing and added responsibilities imposed on management.

Even organizations that have adequate security staffing, an independent and objective third party review of the security program serve as a valuable and proactive approach in terms of risk mitigation.

In some cases risks may have been discovered, but not addressed timely or adequately. In other instances, the organization may not even be aware of its risks.

Case law speaks for itself and depicts the heavy fines imposed on organizations, civil complaints filed and in some cases arrests made, when issues are ignored. Such egregious actions can impact the organization’s credibility, their bottom line and ultimately, their future success.

To that end, the Security Risk Assessment and Analysis is extremely vital to the company’s Security Management Program. Without a safe and secure environment, an organization’s overall mission cannot be carried out successfully and this affects their financial stability.

Our cost-effective, comprehensive solutions have worked extremely well for many organizations. We are objective, unbiased and exceptionally comprehensive.